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(Cambridge Studies in Comparative) Sven Steinmo, Kathleen Thelen, Frank Longstreth-Structuring Politics_ Historical Institutionalism in Comparative Analysis (Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics).pdf2018-07-08 21:40 3.2M
(Executive Politics and Governance) Carl Dahlström, Lena Wängnerud (eds.)-Elites, Institutions and the Quality of Government-Palgrave Macmillan UK (2015).pdf2018-07-08 21:40 1.4M
(International Political Theory series) Gary Browning, Raia Prokhovnik, Maria Dimova-Cookson (eds.)-Dialogues with Contemporary Political Theorists-Palgrave Macmillan UK (2012).pdf2018-07-08 21:41 1.3M
(Oxford Handbooks of Political Science) -The Oxford Handbook of Political Theory-Oxford University Press, USA (2008).pdf2018-07-08 21:41 3.4M
(Oxford Handbooks of Political Science) Barry R. Weingast, Donald A. Wittman-Oxford The Oxford Handbook Of Political Economy-Oxford University Press, USA (2006).pdf2018-07-08 21:41 6.5M
(Oxford Handbooks of Political Science) Israel Gohberg, Seymor Goldberg, Marinus Kaashoek-The Oxford Handbook of Political Institutions-Oxford University Press, USA (2006).pdf2018-07-08 21:41 3.4M
(Political Science _ International Relations) Robert Albritton-New Dialectics and Political Economy-Palgrave Macmillan (2003).pdf2018-07-08 21:40 706K
(Routledge Key Guides) Lisa Harrison, Adrian Little, Ed Lock-Politics_ The Key Concepts-Routledge (2015).pdf2018-07-08 21:40 932K
B. Guy Peters-Institutional theory in political science_ the new institutionalism -Pinter (1999).pdf2018-07-08 21:41 10M
Carles Boix, Susan C. Stokes-The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Politics (Oxford Handbooks of Political Science)-Oxford University Press, USA (2007).pdf2018-07-08 21:42 10M
Christopher Hood, Desmond King, Gillian Peele-Forging a Discipline_ A Critical Assessment of Oxford_s Development of the Study of Politics and International Relations in Comparative Perspective-Oxford.pdf2018-07-08 21:42 1.3M
Craig Parsons-How to Map Arguments in Political Science-Oxford University Press, USA (2007).pdf2018-07-08 21:42 1.0M
Demokrasi Indonesia Mewujudkan Kesetaraan atau Melahirkan Kesenjangan.pdf2018-07-08 21:42 2.8M
Edeltraud Roller-The Performance of Democracies_ Political Institutions and Public Policy (Comparative Politics) (2005).pdf2018-07-08 21:42 1.6M
Ellen Grigsby-Analyzing Politics _ An Introduction to Political Science , Fifth Edition -Wadsworth Publishing (2011).pdf2018-07-08 21:42 2.7M
Esai Etika Politik.pdf2018-07-08 21:40 462K
Introduction_0.pdf2018-07-08 21:40 174K
Jeffrey Kopstein, Mark Lichbach-Comparative Politics_ Interests, Identities, and Institutions in a Changing Global Order (2005).pdf2018-07-08 21:42 7.3M
Making politics fun - Why youth empowerment is important.pdf2018-07-08 21:40 107K
Political-parties-and-democracy-in-theoretical-and-practical-perspectives-BAH-Part1.pdf2018-07-08 21:43 1.9M
Political-parties-and-democracy-in-theoretical-and-practical-perspectives.pdf2018-07-08 21:40 387K
Politik lokal di Indonesia.pdf2018-07-08 21:44 33M
Robert Adcock (ed.), Mark Bevir (ed.), Shannon C. Stimson (ed.)-Modern Political Science_ Anglo-American Exchanges since 1880-Princeton University Press (2007).pdf2018-07-08 21:44 2.5M
Sanford Schram, Brian Caterino-Making Political Science Matter_ Debating Knowledge, Research, and Method-NYU Press (2006).pdf2018-07-08 21:44 1.5M
UnderminingDemocracy_Full.pdf2018-07-08 21:40 520K
angel-rabasa-and-john-haseman-the-military-and-democracy-in-indonesia-challenges-politics-and-power.pdf2018-07-08 21:40 873K
idea-penilaian-demokratisasi-di-indonesia.pdf2018-07-08 21:42 2.2M
parliament_watch_dja.pdf2018-07-08 21:43 1.9M
politik militer.pdf2018-07-08 21:40 304K
sri-majangwoelan-the-political-economy-of-the-marginalization-process-in-indonesias-new-order.pdf2018-07-08 21:44 10M