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(Blackwell Companions to Contemporary Economics) Warren J. Samuels, Jeff E. Biddle, John B. Davis-Companion to the History of Economic Thought-Wiley-Blackwell (2003).pdf2018-12-06 19:11 5.5M
(Economics as Social Theory) Dimitris Milonakis, Ben Fine-From Political Economy to Economics_ Method, the social and the historical in the evolution of economic theory -Routledge (2009).pdf2018-12-06 19:11 2.4M
(International Papers in Political Economy Series) Philip Arestis, Malcolm Sawyer (eds.)-21st Century Keynesian Economics-Palgrave Macmillan UK (2010).pdf2018-12-06 19:11 1.2M
(Routledge Studies in Global Competition) Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Fran├žois Vaillancourt-Public Policy for Regional Development -Routledge (2008).pdf2018-12-06 19:11 3.4M
(Routledge+Classics)+F.A.+Hayek-The+Road+to+Serfdom+-Routledge+(2001).pdf2018-12-06 19:11 2.9M
(Wildcat_ Workers_ Movements and Global Capitalism) Immanuel Ness-Southern Insurgency_ The Coming of the Global Working Class-Pluto Press (2015).pdf2018-12-06 19:11 4.0M
21st-century-revolution.pdf2018-12-06 19:11 868K
Albert O. Hirschman - Exit, Voice, and Loyalty_ Responses to Decline in Firms, Organizations, and States (1970, Harvard University Press).pdf2018-12-06 19:12 5.9M
Alec Ross (2016) The Industries of the Future.epub2018-12-06 19:12 1.0M
Alessandro Roncaglia-The Wealth of Ideas_ A History of Economic Thought-Cambridge University Press (2005).pdf2018-12-06 19:12 5.9M
Calvo-et-al-Inflows-of-Capital-JEP1996.pdf2018-12-06 19:12 1.8M
Carmen M. Reinhart, Kenneth Rogoff-This Time Is Different_ Eight Centuries of Financial Folly-Princeton University Press (2009).pdf2018-12-06 19:12 11M
Daron Acemoglu, James A. Robinson-Why Nations Fail_ The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty-Profile Books (2012).pdf2018-12-06 19:13 5.3M
David Graeber-Debt_ The First 5,000 Years -Melville House (2011).pdf2018-12-06 19:13 5.3M
David Harvey-A Brief History of Neoliberalism-Oxford University Press (2005).pdf2018-12-06 19:13 2.4M
Economic Reform in China-webPDF.pdf2018-12-06 19:14 56M
Ernesto Screpanti, Stefano Zamagni, David Field, Lynn Kirby-An Outline of the History of Economic Thought-Oxford University Press, USA (2005).pdf2018-12-06 19:14 5.8M
Fieldman_CapitalismEconomicGrowth.pdf2018-12-06 19:11 152K
JOSEPH STIGLITZ (2002) WASHINGTON CONSENSUS.pdf2018-12-06 19:11 180K
Joseph E. Stiglitz-Globalization and Its Discontents-W. W. Norton _ Company (2002).pdf2018-12-06 19:15 11M
Joseph Schumpeter-Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy-Routledge (2006).pdf2018-12-06 19:15 1.3M
Joseph Stiglitz (n.d) The Price of Inequality.pdf2018-12-06 19:15 2.0M
Mariana Mazzucato (2018) The Value of Everything Making and Taking in the Global Economy.pdf2018-12-06 19:15 5.2M
Michael Hudson (2016) Killing the Host How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy.epub2018-12-06 19:11 456K
Murray Rothbard Man, Economy, and State, with Power and Market.pdf2018-12-06 19:15 5.1M
adam-smith-the-wealth-of-nations.pdf2018-12-06 19:12 2.2M
alexander-c-chandra-a-dirty-word-neo-liberalism-in-indonesia_s-foreign-economic-policies.pdf2018-12-06 19:11 263K
alexander-c-chandra-maximizing-the-utilization-of-asean-led-free-trade-agreements.pdf2018-12-06 19:12 1.5M
daniel-esty-and-mari-pangestu-globalization-and-the-environment-in-asia.pdf2018-12-06 19:11 149K
daniel-oleksiuk-asian-values-and-the-spirit-of-capitalism.pdf2018-12-06 19:11 256K
erhard-eppler-melindungi-negara-dari-ancaman-neoliberal.pdf2018-12-06 19:14 4.5M
generaltheory.pdf2018-12-06 19:14 1.3M
jayasuriya-rosser-economic-orthodoxy-and-the-east-asian-crisis.pdf2018-12-06 19:14 2.6M
johan-norberg-membela-kapitalisme-global.pdf2018-12-06 19:14 11M
limits-rational-choice.pdf2018-12-06 19:11 349K
market_versus_state.pdf2018-12-06 19:15 1.3M
muslihat-kapitalis-global.pdf2018-12-06 19:15 2.3M
toby-carrol-the-world-banks-socio-institutional-neoliberalism-a-case-study-from-indonesia.pdf2018-12-06 19:11 123K
wim-f-wertheim-dunia-ketiga-dari-dan-ke-mana.pdf2018-12-06 19:11 685K