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up Parent Directory 13-Nov-2020 20:12 - unknown (Ashgate Ahrc_Esrc Religion and Society) Tuomas Martikainen, Francois Gauthie... 04-Jul-2018 15:54 1276k unknown (GeoJournal Library 102) Tuna Taşan-Kok (auth.), Tuna Tasan-Kok, Guy Baeten ... 04-Jul-2018 15:54 4404k unknown (International Political Economy Series) Chang Kyung-Sup, Ben Fine, Linda Wei... 04-Jul-2018 15:55 4188k unknown (Political Philosophy and Public Purpose) Gregory Smulewicz-Zucker, Michael J... 04-Jul-2018 15:55 1972k unknown (Political Power and Social Theory) Julian Go, Julian Go-Postcolonial Sociolo... 04-Jul-2018 15:55 2228k unknown (Routledge Companions) Simon Malpas, Paul Wake-Routledge Companion to Critica... 04-Jul-2018 15:55 1740k unknown (Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy) Richard Westra, Dennis Badeen, Rob... 04-Jul-2018 15:55 3172k unknown (Routledge Studies in Social and Political Thought) Mark G.E. Kelly-The Polit... 04-Jul-2018 15:55 1684k unknown (Routledge_RIPE Studies in Global Political Economy) Dieter Plehwe, Bernhard ... 04-Jul-2018 15:55 2696k unknown (Studies in Critical Social Sciences 6) Warren S. Goldstein (ed.)-Marx, Criti... 04-Jul-2018 15:55 2508k unknown (Studies in Critical Social Sciences) Ishay Landa-The Apprentice_s Sorcerer_ ... 04-Jul-2018 15:55 2104k unknown (Studies in Critical Social Sciences) Jose Manuel Sanchez Bermudez-The Neolib... 04-Jul-2018 15:55 2288k unknown (Studies in Critical Social Sciences) Paul Paolucci-Marx_s Scientific Dialect... 04-Jul-2018 15:55 1536k unknown (Studies in Critical Social Sciences) Tom Brass-Labour Regime Change in the T... 04-Jul-2018 15:55 1324k unknown (The Sciences Po Series in International Relations and Political Economy) Bé... 04-Jul-2018 15:55 1756k unknown (Theory, Technology and Society) Luigi Pellizzoni (ed.), Marja Ylönen (ed.)-... 04-Jul-2018 15:55 1784k unknown (Zone _ Near Futures) Wendy Brown-Undoing the Demos_ Neoliberalism_s Stealth ... 04-Jul-2018 15:55 2992k unknown Alfredo Saad-Filho, Deborah Johnston-Neoliberalism_ A Critical Reader-Pluto P... 04-Jul-2018 15:56 1136k unknown Carlos A Torres-Education and Neoliberal Globalization (Routledge Research in... 04-Jul-2018 15:56 1268k unknown Chari, Anita Sridhar A political economy of the senses neoliberalism, reific... 04-Jul-2018 15:56 1524k unknown Damien Cahill-The End of Laissez-Faire__ On the Durability of Embedded Neolib... 04-Jul-2018 15:56 1148k unknown David Bates (eds.)-Marxism, Intellectuals and Politics-Palgrave Macmillan UK ... 04-Jul-2018 15:56 1792k unknown David Craig, Douglas Porter-DEVELOPMENT BEYOND NEOLIBERALISM__ Governance, Po... 04-Jul-2018 15:56 2060k unknown David Harvey-A Brief History of Neoliberalism-Oxford University Press (2005).pdf 04-Jul-2018 15:56 3348k unknown David Harvey-Cosmopolitanism and the Geographies of Freedom (The Wellek Libra... 04-Jul-2018 15:56 5804k unknown David Harvey-Rebel cities_ from the right to the city to the urban revolution... 04-Jul-2018 15:56 2304k unknown David Harvey-Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism-Oxford Univer... 04-Jul-2018 15:56 8012k unknown David Harvey-Spaces of capital _ towards a critical geography-Routledge (200... 04-Jul-2018 15:56 3256k unknown David Ingram Critical Theory to Structuralism Philosophy, Politics and the Hu... 04-Jul-2018 15:56 2504k unknown David M. Kotz-The Rise and Fall of Neoliberal Capitalism-Harvard University P... 04-Jul-2018 15:56 1708k unknown Dic Lo (auth.)-Alternatives to Neoliberal Globalization_ Studies in the Polit... 04-Jul-2018 15:56 1532k unknown Dino Franco Felluga Critical Theory The Key Concepts.pdf 04-Jul-2018 15:56 2152k unknown Dip Kapoor-Critical Perspectives on Neoliberal Globalization, Development and... 04-Jul-2018 15:56 1424k unknown Emery J. Hyslop-Margison, Alan M. Sears-Neo-Liberalism, Globalization and Hum... 04-Jul-2018 15:52 704k unknown Ernest Mandel-Power and Money_ A Marxist Theory of Bureaucracy-Verso (1992).pdf 04-Jul-2018 15:57 5972k unknown Etika Marxisme.pdf 04-Jul-2018 15:57 1800k unknown Foucault, Michel_ Burchell, Graham_ Gordon, Colin_ Miller, Peter-The Foucault... 04-Jul-2018 15:57 3064k unknown Gabriel Zucman, Teresa Lavender Fagan, Thomas Piketty-The Hidden Wealth of Na... 04-Jul-2018 15:52 936k unknown Gregory Bassham, William Irwin, Henry Nardone, James Wallace-Critical Thinkin... 04-Jul-2018 15:57 4408k unknown Harland Prechel-Politics and Neoliberalism_ Structure, Process and Outcome, V... 04-Jul-2018 15:57 1268k unknown Henri Lefebvre-State, Space, World_ Selected Essays (2009).pdf 04-Jul-2018 15:57 4784k unknown Isaiah Berlin, Henry Hardy, Terrell Carver, Alan Ryan-Karl Marx_ Thoroughly R... 04-Jul-2018 15:57 4608k unknown Jane Pollard, Cheryl McEwan, Alex Hughes-Postcolonial Economies-Zed Books (20... 04-Jul-2018 15:57 1356k unknown Joseph Schumpeter-Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy-Routledge (2006).pdf 04-Jul-2018 15:57 1356k unknown Jürgen Kocka-Capitalism_ A Short History-Princeton University Press (2016).pdf 04-Jul-2018 15:57 1468k unknown Kuniko Fujita Cities and Crisis New Critical Urban Theory.pdf 04-Jul-2018 15:57 7624k unknown Laurence Cox, Alf Gunvald Nilsen-We Make Our Own History - Marxism and Social... 04-Jul-2018 15:57 2044k unknown Margaret Kohn, Keally McBride-Political Theories of Decolonization_ Postcolon... 04-Jul-2018 15:57 1172k unknown Mark Murphy-Social Theory and Education Research_ Understanding Foucault, Hab... 04-Jul-2018 15:57 1400k unknown Michael O_Flynn-Profitable Ideas_ The Ideology of the Individual in Capitalis... 04-Jul-2018 15:57 1144k unknown Neoliberalisme.pdf 04-Jul-2018 15:57 2692k unknown Peter Hain-Back to the Future of Socialism-Policy Press (2015).pdf 04-Jul-2018 15:57 1576k unknown Stefano Giacchetti Ludovisi Critical Theory and the Challenge of Praxis Beyon... 04-Jul-2018 15:58 1224k unknown Stuart Sim-Post-Marxism_ An Intellectual History (Routledge Studies in Social... 04-Jul-2018 15:52 688k unknown Thomas Piketty, Arthur Goldhammer-Capital in the Twenty-First Century-Belknap... 04-Jul-2018 15:58 5044k unknown Timothy Forsyth-Critical Political Ecology_ The Politics of Environmental Sci... 04-Jul-2018 15:58 2372k unknown de Sousa Boaventura Santos-The Rise of the Global Left_ The World Social Foru... 04-Jul-2018 15:56 1620k

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